Mozart <span class='notbold'>ARMCHAIR</span>


SKU    TPC-1110-0194-1

Luxuriant tub chair with beech frame

Compact yet enveloping, the tub chair works particularly well in casual meeting spaces. It lends itself to relaxation, yet it takes up substantially less room than many armchairs. Mozart is a notably sumptuous version of a tub chair.

Whilst appearing modern in design, it is likely that the tub chair dates back to the 17th or even 16th century, when they were used by both English and French monarchs when holding court. So tub chairs generally fit into any contemporary or traditional design, depending upon your chosen fabric. Of course, with its sinuous curves, Mozart is particularly on-trend and even works well in a Japandi-style design.

But looking beyond the superficial, Mozart is a little broader, deeper, and entirely more voluptuous than the average tub chair. And, with its durable beech frame, it is far better engineered too.

Our Mozart design is also available as a sofa. Customise with fabric from our standard ranges for delivery in 6 - 8 weeks, or specify your own (this may affect the lead time).

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