Benefits of a Pouffe in Your Office Lounge

Break-out spaces are integral to offices. They allow employees to unwind and relax, meet up with co-workers and colleagues or even hold brainstorming sessions in a casual setting; some may even want to work in the relaxed ambience. Besides coffee tables, lounge chairs, and sofas scattered around the space, offices should also think of adding ottomans and pouffes. An ottoman is more than a mere accessory. It is comfortable, provides additional seating, and comes with several other benefits.

Impromptu Seating

Office break-out spaces are constantly changing. People will shift seating to sit in their preferred group or accommodate additional members in the group.

Ottomans and pouffes are lightweight and easy to pull. Hence, it is easy to move them and create impromptu seating. A pouffe, like a Cylinder Pouffe, is the ideal choice. It makes collaborative seating easier, and there is no need to spend time pushing it like a sofa or a heavy chair.


Turn Them into Tables

Office break-out spaces often need extra seating, and Ottomans fulfill that requirement. But what happens when the lounge requires additional tables? With employees sitting in groups, tables can run out very quickly. So, if a person wants to drink coffee and work on their laptop, they will not have a table for it.

Ottomans can be used for seating, or they can transform into a table. An ottoman like the Blok Cube is the perfect size to double up as a table for laptops and notebooks. Alternatively, it can be used to place books, magazines, or spread out fabrics to create a mood board.


Put Your Feet Up and Relax

Sitting at a desk for long hours can be exhausting. So, it is natural that employees will want to move around and change their postures to get rid of the muscle tension. Today, many companies are encouraging employees to relax at work, and that’s made
break-out areas a norm. While sofas and chairs are the go-to furniture pieces for lounges, one should also think about adding pouffes and ottomans. Workers can use ottomans as footrests and take the weight off their feet.

Add a Pop of Colour

The science behind adding colour in offices is irrefutable. That is the reason offices take the utmost care to design and furnish working spaces and lounges. The right colours can motivate, relax, and energise employees.

Ottomans and pouffes, like the Hex Pouffe line, are stylishly upholstered in a variety of colours. By decorating an office lounge with these ottomans, one can seamlessly add visual interest and break the monotony of the room. The colours can be soothing or exciting, depending on the ambience that office managers want to create. If the break-out areas are in neutral colours, one can be a little more daring and bolder. Since these pouffes are small in size and come in attractive colours, one can go out of their comfort zone and create patterns that are visually appealing and break the monotony of dull spaces.

Creative Configurations

Break-out areas should evoke relaxed feelings in employees. They shouldn’t look stern or formal. That is why office managers should look to arrange tables, chairs, and sofas in creative configurations. However, given their sizes, it can be difficult. That is where pouffes come in.

The small size of pouffes can make it convenient to create unique configurations in a lounge. They can be shifted and pulled with ease to make a focal point and arrange the rest of the furniture around them. This configuration can be changed weekly to give the lounge a refreshed look and feel, even though the furniture pieces are the same.