As we move into summer with hopes of warm weather and extended, long evenings, you, as a restaurant or bar owner, may not be ready for the influx of customers wanting to eat and drink outdoors. Updating your business’s outdoor furniture can really help to cash in on those sunny days.

Table Place Chairs offers outdoor furniture solutions that will bring in the customers and keep them there! Find the perfect outdoor tables and chairs for your cafe, from outdoor armchairs and sofas for your restaurant, to stylish bench seating for your beer garden. Our commercial outdoor furniture comes in a range of durable materials such as galvanised steel and polypropylene, with long-lasting benefits from UV protection where available.

What kind of outdoor cafe furniture should I choose?

Where a restaurant is usually a more relaxed and capacious area that lends itself to larger furniture, a cafe can be busy and bustling with a lot of traffic moving through it. The use of narrower outdoor cafe chairs, like our Clarkson SRT Chair, will enable customers and staff to move around more freely in what could be a somewhat small space. An outdoor cafe area will often need to be cleared away and brought inside at the end of the day, so it’s important that the furniture you choose can facilitate this. The use of stackable chairs is ideal here; our Moda Side Chair will give mobile flexibility and also give your outdoor cafe area an eye-catching appeal to entice customers walking by.

Finding the perfect outdoor restaurant furniture…

As previously mentioned, a restaurant environment is generally a little more spacious and slow-paced so that it can make use of larger, more comfortable seating. Finding luxury outdoor restaurant furniture can prove to be a challenge, but with the range we offer at Table Place Chairs, discovering the right pieces to suit your outdoor restaurant area is simple. Our Platform Modular Sofa provides comfort, as well as weather resistance and adaptability. You can choose from a one-piece outdoor sofa and armchair or a different configuration, including a two and three-seater. If sofas and armchairs are too informal, our Mill Square Table paired with the Pure Bench will create a relaxed yet intimate environment for diners.

It’s time to update your beer garden furniture.

Gone are the days of pub garden furniture consisting of rotting wooden benches and plastic patio chairs. So when the sunshine hits, be sure that your beer garden holds all the appeal for your customers to come, stay, and remember you next time! To combat the aforementioned rotting wooden benches, we offer wood-free alternatives that are long-lasting, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly. In addition, our Alize Side Chair provides a classy seating option, elevating your space. Whatever your commercial outdoor furniture needs, let us find the perfect solution for you.