Tips To Get Your Outdoor Space Summer-Ready

When the sun comes out, it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space and make it summer-friendly for customers and visitors. Outdoor café spaces are a great crowd puller and a sure hit with those coming out of their mundane everyday indoor spaces for a breath of fresh air.
Getting your outdoor café space summer-friendly
Make the most of your outdoor spaces with these tips and tricks.
● Clean and Presentable
Cleanliness should be the underlying factor for the space. Sweep the floor, power wash if needed, and wipe down to remove any dirt or grime. Remove cobwebs and rubbish/litter in the area, and pull out any weeds to make the space look and feel fresh.

● Right Seating
Choose furniture that would be comfortable and pleasing for your target customers. It is better not to make the space cramped; hence choose sizes according to the space available. Also, look for options that are durable and resistant to changing weather conditions and easy to clean and maintain. While plastic (most affordable) and metal are good options, garden-style furniture can add that extra charm in terms of appeal.

● Adequate Lighting
The right lighting is important to ensure you create a pleasing and inviting ambience for your outdoor space. String lights are one of the most popular and affordable options to deck up. Add on some lanterns or lampshades to step it up a notch. Consider installing LED lights if you want longer-lasting and more permanent options. Candles are also another way of setting an ambience.
● Aesthetic Greenery
Invest in hanging plants, pots and some climbers that help to add the greenery charm to your space. It’s pleasing to the eyes and makes the space more inviting and relaxed.

● Heaters
Invest in heaters so that you can ensure comfort to your customers even if the temperature dips outside. While choosing from the many options available, ensure you also look at having the required safety equipment at hand.

● Friendly Pet Policy
Have a clear pet policy in terms of more space at the tables, providing water and food bowls etc. This will help to attract people who are out on errands or walks with their pets for a quick bite or drink. There may also be a section of customers who may not be comfortable with pets in the area. To cater to them, your pet policy can include a point that pet owners should ensure that their pets don’t disturb the other customers.
● Calming Water Fountain
While the sound of water has a calming and relaxing effect on people, a water fountain or waterfall is visually pleasing and elevates the ambience. However, ensure proper installation and maintenance.

● The Inside Matters Too!
In sprucing up the outdoor space, don’t forget to amp up the inside as well. Think about keeping the connecting door open so that your customers can move about freely and comfortably between the spaces. Add a fresh coat of paint, both to your walls and furniture, if needed, you could also buy matching furniture to match the indoor and outdoor aesthetics together.