If you’re designing a wine bar’s interior or selecting furniture for your venue, you’ll understand that furnishing is not just about “putting in some tables and chairs”. It’s much more than that. At Table Place Chairs, we collaborate with interior designers and those responsible for acquiring furniture to maximise a venue’s potential in terms of style and comfort – good wine deserves sumptuous settings, after all!

Our experience working with 28-50 Soho, a relaxed wine bar in the heart of Mayfair, gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our wine bar furniture in central London. The venue boasts stunning turquoise bar stools and chairs manufactured to the highest specifications.

Wine bar furniture – the perfect criteria

When selecting wine bar furniture, it’s always important to consider the following:

• Space – smaller wine bars should consider tall linear furniture to create a more spacious feel. Also, take a look at our bar stool options.

• Colour – our product configurator means that you can create colour combinations to complement your venue.

• Comfort – style is one thing, but customers won’t appreciate it once they’re sitting uncomfortably. At Table Place Chairs, we pay special attention to comfort and strive to create comfortable pieces.

• Functionality – the practicality and functionality of the furniture are vital. Nobody wants to sit at a bar on a barstool that is too low…and trying to eat at a table that is at the wrong height doesn’t portray a well thought out interior design.

If you’re furnishing or renovating a wine bar, search our bar furniture range for inspiration today. For advice on furnishing your space, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.