Furniture is perhaps one of the most important aspects, which reflects the personality of a restaurant. It is therefore also a vital point in forming a perception in the customer’s mind. It could be just the comfort they feel, the elegance and visual appeal, or the attractiveness of the colours used.

Apart from ensuring your furniture is in sync with the theme of your restaurant, let’s talk about some common mistakes to avoid in selecting your restaurant furniture.

Mistakes to avoid – a checklist

• Don’t avoid a floor plan

Your starting point should be measuring the space available in your restaurant, to avoid cramming the room with furniture. Make a floor plan and use an appropriate scale to evaluate ideas and options, to check if they would fit into the available space. Factor in practicality as well as aesthetics to complete the look of the place, without compromising on comfort.

• Don’t compromise on space

Consider keeping ample space between furniture so that customers and staff can comfortably move around. There should be enough space for chairs to be moved back. Your staff should be able to serve efficiently, quickly and in a safe manner. In case you wish to intersperse chairs with armchairs, try Joanna armchair. The arms would slide in comfortably under the tables. With an upholstered seat and wooden leg frame, this wooden armchair with cushion brings a charming mid-century modern look to your interior space.

Here at Table Place Chairs, we can offer in-house assistance in designing a space with recommended products.

• Don’t forget customer comfort

Concerns about customer comfort vary depending on the type of your restaurant. In a fast-food restaurant, everything should assist with speed, such as smooth table tops for easy cleaning. Whereas a fine dining restaurant means customers will stay longer, and hence chairs should be suited for long term seating. The Horizon Air Armchair, upholstered with fine fabric and full back support, would be more comfortable for a longer period.

• Don’t ignore durability

Don’t make the mistake of choosing style over practicality and durability. While coordinating furniture, choose those that would be long lasting with hassle-free maintenance and moisture resistance, for the best returns on your investment.

This is where contract tested furniture is essential to ensure it can handle heavy usage and a high rate of table turnover. All our products are RIGA tested.

• Don’t ignore environment-friendly furniture

If you have options available, choose environmentally friendly ones like furniture made from reclaimed wood, recycled metal and plastics, or even vintage (testimony that they have already weathered through many years of usage). A more casual or outdoor restaurant theme can be fitted with bamboo furniture.

We offer recycled wood terrazzo tabletops, smile plastic terrazzo tabletops, recycled glass or reclaimed wood bleachers designed by our sister company TablePlaceChairs, crafted by RAW workshop.