ALBERTA <span class='notbold'>TABLE TOP</span>



Brass-covered quadrilateral tabletop

Metal accents are the jewels in a design, but you don't need to save them for the accessories. Alberta is a brass-wrapped tabletop that may be used with any of our bases, enabling you to add a touch of glamour to your unique design.

Brass is enjoying a real resurgence, as warmer metallics are finding favour over cool steel silver and chrome. It complements neutrals and earth tones but may also be mixed with other metals, providing they are of a similar patina.

Alberta is available in three square or four rectangular sizes. It is seamless, with wrapped edges and no visible fixings, over a black MDF substrate, making it a really smart, statement piece of furniture. What's more, the lead time is just eight weeks.* Furthermore, you can choose from a satin - stunning in contemporary designs, antique or aged patinas. The surface is finished with a clear matt lacquer to preserve the look, although the ageing process is slowed rather than entirely halted.

Alberta is also available as a round tabletop. You may also be interested in Seattle, our zinc tabletops, and Queenstown, a copper range.

*Other sizes may be available as a special order and dependant upon quantity.

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