COSY CULT <span class='notbold'>STUDIO STOOL</span>


SKU    TPC-1120-0353


Take a seat in style with this classic round upholstered stool. The Cosy Cult Studio Stool features a tubular design awash in a metallic finish that lends a raw industrial touch to your ensemble.

The Cosy Cult stool comes with an upholstered seat (all standard fabrics available) and is a striking piece of bar furniture. The base of this round upholstered stool comes in lacquered steel as standard and when paired with a dark fabric, the Cosy Cult Studio stool becomes the pinnacle of industrial furniture.

The design of the Cosy Cult Studio Stool is open, cheerful and inviting, ideal for use in public spaces such as restaurants, hotel lobbies and open areas. The Cosy Cult collection includes a Cosy Cult Side Chair, and a Cosy Cult Barstool (with or without backrest).

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