Sofa Styles for the Hospitality Industry

Hotel interior design needs to reflect the feelings of relaxation and create a positive experience for guests, the staff, and anyone else checking into the property. From the type of fabric you use to the style of your seating, it represents the audience that you’d like to attract, highlights what you have to offer, and communicates your brand style.


When it comes to sofa styles for your space, it should be much more than sleek lines and expensive pieces; it should be a mix of fashion, sophistication, and practicality based on current trends. Keep reading to learn all about these new styles and how they can make a big difference in your property.

1. Koral Sofa

When it comes to creating the perfect mix of rest, relaxation, and comfort, the Koral sofa promises you the ideal escape. This simple yet chic piece showcases beautiful sleek wooden legs, two decorative cushions filled with high-density foam, and crisp lines for ultra-supportive comfort.

Along with exuding elegance and class, this sofa is accented by durable yet soft fabric upholstery that comes in a variety of colours to meet the needs of the buyer. This three-seater sofa also comes with the option of a quilted back.

Hospitality Use: While it looks sophisticated in any space, this Koral sofa is perfect for any hotel lounge or lobby for the epitome of comfort.

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2. Boho Modular Sofa

The versatile Boho Modular Sofa serves as a meeting point to spend magical moments lounging with friends and family. Being versatile and spacious, this sofa is designed perfectly for small and compact spaces.

Featuring clean, modern lines, a contemporary shape with elegantly tapered arms, and a large open design, this modular sofa can be mixed and matched with other furniture pieces in the room, including an ottoman, and offers the perfect option for everyday lounging.

Hospitality Use: Perfect for awkward and compact spaces. Its highly versatile design is perfectly suited to a lounge with a need for a luxury and stylish look. 

View our Boho Modular Sofa here

3. Logan Sofa

Unique and creative, this vintage-inspired, comfortable button-back sofa is a beautiful link between the past and present. 

The Logan exudes luxury, class, and sophistication and is beautifully finished with deep buttons along with its back and seat cushions. It has a tailored edge that offers durability, comfort, support, and softness. 

Choose between a range of high-quality fabrics or leather upholstery that adds a pop of colour to its solid wooden legs, which provide firm support.

Hospitality Use:   A perfect seating solution for old houses, commercial spaces and resorts that want to exude an antique and old-world vibe.

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4. Waive Modular Sofa

This sofa set comes with a modular finish and is available in a range of coverings – fabric, recycled fabric, and leather. The Waive is specially designed as a three-unit seating and enables you to create infinite seating designs. 

The sofa set offers a plush and inviting appearance to a space and can easily transform it to look luxurious yet functional.

Hospitality Use:  Available in three different units, this award-winning piece is popular in private lounges, nightclubs, and private seating areas. 

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5. Battersea Modular Sofa

A glamorous style with a timeless design, the Battersea Sofa features rolled arms, a deep buttoned back and arms and a low back style set. In addition, it comes with durable and comfortable foam padding – an ode to relaxation and the ideal ally for hospitality settings. 

The Battersea can be split up and purchased as an armchair, a three-seater, and a two-seater sofa to suit your space. It comes with a choice of fabric upholstery that can add a touch of class.

Hospitality Use: The Battersea adds a touch of character and luxury to any setting, especially private clubs, estate houses, and stately resort lounges. 

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6. Compton Sofa

A timelessly chic choice, the Compton two-seater sofa showcases pleasing angles, clean shapes, and contemporary elegance with a light, refined shape that fits effortlessly into any space. 

You can customise this piece with a wide range of fabrics, giving it a simple, smart and modern feel or a statement style to complement the interior. Pair this piece with a matching armchair to complete the look.


Hospitality Use: The Compton Sofa fits perfectly into small spaces like cafes, pubs, or even small dining areas to add class and elegance to your space. 

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No matter your needs, there’s a seating option that is perfect for your space. All you need is to get in touch with the professionals, we can help you make a great choice for any space.