Understanding the WigWam Table

The WigWam table is one of the most ‘asked about’ table sets within our range, the main question is “what is a WigWam table?”. This table is designed to be a great statement piece and is a fun, practical, and unique addition to any coworking, or commercial office space. It provides the ideal environment for impromptu meetings, collaborations with your team, and even catching up over a quick cup of coffee. 

This industrial-style table is manufactured from solid oak and finished with a natural or black stain. It comes with USB charging electric sockets, rustic lighting, and a set of elegant tapered wooden legs that exude style, strength, versatility, and balance. A WigWam can be a four- or six-seater table.

What are the benefits of having a WigWam table?

Here are some of the great benefits of having a WigWam table in your space! 

Save space: The WigWam table is a practical option that has been designed and tested for coworking spaces. It maximises space, offers a compact solution to work on, and can accommodate more people when needed. This table is classy and comfortable and is the ideal solution for small spaces. 

Ease of use: With quality design and testing, the WigWam table is sourced sustainably from oak timber forests and goes a long way in achieving sustainability and zero waste. This table is comfortable to sit at, providing plenty of legroom for all users and also comes with its own stylish feature lighting with easy access remote switches. With built-in charging points, there is always power on hand for laptops, phones and tablets, it is also easily assembled without the need to rearrange other furniture. 

Discreet: The WigWam range comes in a variety of shades and materials. It is available with an oak frame and blacktop or a black frame and oak top that can be customised to match the aesthetics of your home or office space so that it does not jeopardise the visual beauty of the surroundings.

Beautifully classic and accommodating

This table is made from gorgeous oak wood that can be left natural or stained black to reveal the wood’s natural grain. The table features an attractive range of options, from waterproof recycled plastic to Foresso or wood waste terrazzo. 

WigWam showcases a state-of-the-art finish and features that are flexible and easy to use for different occasions. In addition, you can enjoy its beautiful rustic lighting which comes with the piece, along with 3x LED light bulbs, remote light switches, 6x power socks, and 4x USB charging points.

A stylish addition to your space 

This sleek wooden table is fitted with six movable power sockets and charging units. It can be stylishly modern or come with an alluring vintage finish. It can effortlessly transform a working space and make it more appealing.  

Its oversized wing nuts connect the solid oak frame to ensure stability and durability. The resting bar is held in place with ends that come with a circular-cut metal WigWam logo.

In conclusion

If you’re interested in this unique table that is not only a creative and inspiring space but oozes sophistication and durability, then it’s time to get in touch with the professionals.

To learn more about this unique table and how it can make a space more aesthetically pleasing and functional, check out this link https://www.tableplacechairs.com/product/wigwam-table/.