The purpose of office breakout areas

A huge portion of our time at work is spent at our desks – this can quickly become dull and uninspiring. However, many business owners are beginning to realise that to benefit from an engaged and motivated workforce, additional focus should be placed on providing the space for staff to recharge their batteries and get creative in a relaxed setting, such as a breakout area.

An effective breakout area will allow workers to destress or perhaps even generate the next big idea! However, it’s important to mention that breakout areas are not just for downtime – many businesses maximise the space by using it as an area for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions, or agile working.

Furniture for your office breakout area

Table Place Chairs offers a range of breakout furniture to suit the entire spectrum of office environments. However, we recognize that choosing the perfect furniture may present a challenge! The furniture must suit your company’s culture and vision. For example, is a modular seating area the most appropriate because of your office’s contemporary vibe? Or perhaps a retro/vintage look is the perfect look for your quirky workspace? Plush, opulent break areas are an excellent option too.

This blog post will outline some of the exciting breakout furniture on offer at Table Place Chairs, starting with modular furniture. With more and more businesses accommodating agile working, modular office furniture is becoming increasingly popular. More importantly, it offers versatility – the furniture can be moved and adapted to suit a multipurpose work area, so you’ve always got the right set-up for your impromptu meetings. Our Blok Modular Seating System consists of the Blok Seat, Blok Corner, and Blok Cube (standard and large). These items can be upholstered in any fabric from our standard range.

The Hex Pouffe complements the Blok range perfectly with its geometric angles and provides a space to set coffee and laptops (or even put feet up). With the right modular office furniture, it’s easy to create a stylish office breakout area – and simultaneously inspire workers to really think outside the Blok!

Retro breakout areas

Now let’s go back in time! After hours of being immersed in modern technology, the juxtaposition of a retro break area provides exactly what’s needed for workers to refresh their minds. Whether you want to achieve a vintage-inspired and sophisticated break area, or one with an injection of quirky retro style, our Battersea range is ideal. Gone are the days when the Chesterfield-style sofa resided exclusively in your Grandparent’s living room, as this button back style makes a welcome comeback with a 21st-century twist. Choose from fabric or leather upholstery in colour combinations that can suit both vintage office design and the fun of a quirky breakout area. Combine the Battersea Sofa with the matching armchair. Add in our Mel Dining Table to create a break area for relaxing, eating, and putting heads together when innovation and creativity are required.

Add some luxury

Contemporary and quirky breakout furniture can look fantastic – but only when the environment and culture match it. Offices dealing with luxury products and services are much more likely to be seeking an informal seating area complete with plush, luxurious chairs. The sumptuous cushioning and fluted back detail of our Versailles sofa and armchair will help minds relax and take away the stresses of a demanding day. Of course, break areas need to facilitate food and drink, and our Geo Coffee Table complements the Versailles in a classic yet functional fashion. Add the right lighting and accessories, and your luxurious breakout area will be everyone’s favourite place to be.

It’s all in detail.

Of course, breakout areas aren’t just for relaxing and eating. As well as amazing furniture, why not also consider injecting some fun by installing gaming consoles, music systems, or even sports/exercise equipment? There are some inspiring ideas out there that, along with the right furniture from Table Place Chairs, will transform your office breakout area into a space where employees will genuinely love to spend time.