CHOPIN <span class='notbold'>ARMCHAIR</span>


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Contemporary, Art Deco-style dining armchair

This contemporary accent armchair embodies the essence of the Art Deco style, a time when the optimism of post-First World War society was reflected in extravagant furniture design.

Art Deco is frequently associated with the use of exotic woods, ivory, furs and skins, and new technologies of the day, such as chrome plating and plastics. Many of these aesthetics do not fit with our modern ethos, but the sweeping curve and organic shape of this luxurious dining armchair pay homage to pieces created by Czech designer Jindrich Halabala and his contemporary, Jan Vanek. Both were known for using dynamic loops and unique forms in what is now considered an iconic style referenced in this chair with its continuous curved back and fully upholstered design.

Eminently versatile, the Chopin armchair can take centre stage as a fine dining chair, offering a luxurious experience for guests. But it serves equally well as an accent chair for lobbies and lounges. Either way, its soft cushioning will provide unparalleled comfort.

Specify Chopin in any of our fabric ranges or your own. It works particularly well with other Art Deco-style pieces, such as our Koral sofa and Geo coffee table, or venture off-piste for a truly contemporary look.

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